How To Create A Mineral Lick For Deer

American Stockman 6 mineral salt

I’ve always been a big fan of salt blocks and licks. They are an easy and cost effective way to continue attracting deer in the area. A few years ago, I started making my own salt licks and it showed even better results than the in store salt blocks.

I’m going to share my recipe for making your own DIY mineral salt lick for deer. It’s simple, easy and it works!

Salt licks are great for deer and they love them because they contain the essential minerals needed to survive and grow: zinc, manganese, cobalt, copper, iodine and iron.

If you plan on making your own salt lick, there are three different components. Here are the three ingredients needed, you can buy the following from your local feed store, Stockdales, Rural King or Tractor Supply:

  • 1 part Di-Calcium Phosphate
    • This is mainly used as a dairy feed additive and for livestock. Comes in 50lb bag, usually around $25
  • 2 parts Trace mineral salt
    • Red and loose, non medicated. Comes in 50lb bag, usually around $10
    • 1 part Stock salt
      • The same salt you use for making ice cream. Comes in 50lb bag, usually around $10


    • Mix your mineral mixture together in a big bucket or wheel barrow.
    • Dig a hole in the ground about 6 to 10 inches deep.
    • Pour your mixture into the hole. You can also use a tree stump and pour your mixture on and around.
    • Place your trail cam next to your salt lick to see what deer you are attracting.
    The tree stump that I poured my salt around, the deer have dug it up and licked around it all season long.

    Wherever you decide to place your DIY salt lick, I can guarantee the deer will be coming back and finding it for at least one year. The salt and minerals soak into the ground or tree stump and the deer will still be scraping the ground trying to get some.

    When and where should you put out a salt lick for deer?

    When: There’s no specific time for when you should put out your salt lick or salt block. Whether you buy the block in store or make your own, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure it’s there year round. The deer are going to be there year around, so your salt lick should be too.

    Where: I would recommend placing your salt lick in a known location where deer travel on your property. However, there’s no specific place you should place it. You could also spread them around your property in different locations. Deer will travel from one side of your property to the other side if you have them on different sides.

    Making your own salt lick for deer can be beneficial for several reasons, including attracting deer to your property and providing them the necessary minerals and nutrients to survive.

    Let me know if you used the same recipe as mine or do you make it a little different.


    • Hey folks! I'm Trey Copeland, founder of Made To Hunt. I'm from Kentucky and love the outdoors. I've been hunting or fishing in many states including KY, MO, MS, AR, TN and FL as well as Mexico and Costa Rica. For more updates follow me on Twitter.

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    1. Doc

      Definitely an easy way to make a huge salt lick for deer. Most blocks don’t last as long.

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