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Shooting Feral Hogs From A Helicopter In Texas [VIDEO]

The reason we’re sharing this video is to bring awareness of the overwhelming hog population that has taken over our country. These hogs are located in nearly every state but in some states the population is an epidemic. There is currently an estimated 1.5 million feral hogs in the state of Texas. Other affected states with large feral hog populations include Florida, California and Hawaii.

A female feral hog can have a litter every 3 months, three weeks and three days. They’ll have between 10 to 15 babies per litter.

The shows that you see on TV where they take 2 Hogs per 1/2 hour show is totally ineffective in fighting the Hog population. Our way is more effective in controlling these disgusting critters. The pig destruction of farm land and private property is in the millions of dollars lost, pigs will consume just about everything including each other.

Photo of Gary Wagner hunting feral hogs from a helicopter in Texas.
Photo of Gary Wagner hunting feral hogs from a helicopter in Texas.


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