arrow shot through hand

Arrow Shot Through Hand

The story goes like this:

A gentleman that wanted to get into hunting went to Bass Pro Shops to buy his first bow and arrow. If you haven’t used one before, let me tell you they can be dangerous if not used properly. Compound bows can shoot close to 200 feet per second.

While the gentleman was at the store, he asked the shop attendant for some new arrows for his bow. If you’re not aware, when you go get new arrows, sometimes you have to get them cut a custom length to fit your specific bow and draw.

bow and arrow through arm injury
Photo of arrow shot through hand

If the arrow is too long, your shots might be off. If the arrow is too short, then it could fall off the rest, catch on something and cause a dangerous situation. You don’t want a 200 feet per second arrow being thrown back at you.

Anyway, the gentleman walked out the store, and ended up with an arrow that was too short. He ended up taking the bow to the hospital with him.

Do you cut your own arrows?


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