Georgia hunter attacked by dogs

Georgia Hunter Gets 298 Wounds From Dog Attack In Woods

In Georgia, a hunter was moving his treestand to another location on his property when he was mauled and attacked by 3 dogs, that landed him in the hospital.

Scott was moving treestands around his property one day when all of a sudden 3 dogs started coming towards him. When the first dog attacked, the other two joined in and started to attack Scott as well. He was in the process of removing the straps from his ladder when the dogs approached him.

One of them came in and attacked me. When it did, the other two joined in. They were attacking me from three sides. It was kind of like wolf-mentality.

Scott, dog attack victim

Unfortunately, Scott had left his phone back on his ATV and was too far away to scream for help that anyone would hear. He picked up a stick and started beating the dogs to defend himself and try to get them to stop. This gave him enough time to retreat to another ladder to get away from the dogs.

As I was going up the ladder stand, I told myself that I really needed to hold on tight to the rungs because the dogs are going to be jumping on my backside and trying to pull me down,” says Scott. “And if they did, I’d probably never get away.

Scott, dog attack victim

After an hour of being up in the ladder, the dogs finally moved along and allowed Scott to climb down. He was able to get to the highway and flag a vehicle down and take him to the hospital.

The attack left Scott with almost 300 puncture wounds and a severed ligament in his hands.

Two of the dogs were pitbulls and one was a german shepherd. The authorities found the three dogs and euthanized them all. The owner was issued a citation for having dangerous animals. This comes as another dog attack on an 11 year old Georgia boy.

Scott says the dog attack won’t keep him out of the woods, but he will be taking a gun or other type of weapon for defense in the future.

Georgia is one of the top 10 states that owners file claims for dog bit injuries, with Chatham county receiving the most. State law also says that animal owners may be held legally liable for injuries caused by their animals.


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