ohio buck with antler in eye

Ohio Buck With Antler In Eye Gets Killed

It took Dave Stuckey four years, but he finally shot and killed a monster whitetail that he’d been watching. The buck had a 9″ drop tine and a 2″ antler growing out of his eye.

Stuckey found the bucks sheds in 2018 with a 187″ spread, but never saw him again until 2020. It’s amazing when you see these bucks survive multiple years. There were multiple guys hunting this same deer.

On the day of the hunt, a cold front had just moved in. The buck was up on his feet and moving around to stay warm. When he came out chasing some does and grunting, Stuckey took the 53 yard shot to put harvest the buck.

Stuckey immediately called the game warden since he knew multiple guys were trying to hunt this same buck. He wanted to ensure the warden that it was a legal kill.


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