Missouri Monarch Deer Buck

Missouri Monarch Buck – World Record Non-Typical Whitetail Buck

The Missouri Monarch whitetail buck is one of the most impressive and legendary white tailed deer to ever live. With 44 points and a score of 333 7/8 inches, the Missouri Monarch is the current world record holder for non-typical white tailed buck. That’s a huge accomplishment!

Before the Missouri Monarch, the previous world record whitetail deer was a 284 3/8 inch buck that was the record in Texas since 1890s. Nobody thought it would ever been broken, until it was.

Where was the Missouri Monarch found?

The Missouri Monarch was found dead on Strodtman Road in St. Louis, Missouri near the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area on November 15, 1981.

It was the second day of deer modern gun season and Dave Beckman was a Missouri hunter who had just finished calling in his harvest from the day. When on his way home, he saw something on the side of the road that looked like antlers alongside the fence.

The buck was on private property, so Beckman could not go without permission. He decided to check back in with Mike Hellend, the Conservation Agent with the state of Missouri who he checked in earlier with his harvest. Hellend thought he was on a routine patrol call. But the dead deer was not found shot with a bullet or arrow.

Missouri Monarch Non typical whitetail
Original photo of the Missouri Monarch captured with Mike Hellend

Hellend skinned the buck and gave it a through investigation to find out what caused the deer’s death. The deer was missing some teeth and aged anywhere from 4.5 to 5.5 years old. The deer weighed 250 lbs. It was ultimately ruled as a natural causes death.

Where is the Missouri Monarch now?

The Missouri Department of Conservation has possession and ownership of the Missouri Monarch buck. They took it to a taxidermist for it to be mounted. They are still the owners of the world record non-typical white tailed buck.

How much did the Missouri Monarch weigh?

The Missouri Monarch world record whitetail deer had a full body weight of 250 lbs. The antlers alone weighed 11.5 lbs.

How do deer antlers grow so big?

Deer antlers are solid bone and are composed of calcium, phosphorus and protein. When given the right minerals and vitamins, deer antlers can become very large. If you don’t have any salt licks out for your deer, then try our diy salt lick method. Add some corn to attract them back to the area.


The Missouri Monarch was a world record breaking whitetail deer that scored 333 7/8 inches with 44 points. This is a buck that every hunter dreams of harvesting. Let’s hope we continue to see and grow bucks of this size.


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