Michigan Deer Hunters Harvest 253,000 Deer in Firearm Season

In 2022, Michigan deer hunters have harvested a total of 253,000 deer during the modern firearm season, according to a report by The Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Beginning this year, Michigan hunters are required to call or check in their harvest within 72 hours of the kill. In previous years, it was a voluntary report and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources was unable to accurately track the deer harvest. Now, the state agency can track deer harvests in near real time. On opening day, the agency was logging about one kill per minute.

Deer hunting in Michigan will continue through January 1 for hunters with a bow or muzzleloader.

The modern firearm season for deer in Michigan is November 15th through 30th.

Here is a chart that shows Michigan deer harvests for the top 20 counties:

deer harvest 2022 michigan
Deer harvest report numbers for top 20 counties in Michigan

How can you report Michigan deer harvest?

There are many ways to report your Michigan deer harvest:

Online: https://www.mdnr-elicense.com/harvestreport

Mobile App: Michigan DNR Hunt Fish

Call: Michigan hunters can call in their report if preferred

You will need your license and data of birth to log your entry.

For more updated numbers on deer harvest, you can see alive tally here: https://www.mdnr-elicense.com/HarvestReportSummary


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