Laran Kaplan Iowa Buck

Man Pees From Stand, Smokes A Cigarette, Then Nabs A Big Buck

Little did Laran Kaplan know that after he peed from his stand then smoked a cigarette that he would kill the buck of his lifetime.

On a chilly October 7 morning, it was 28 degrees in Iowa County, Iowa, Laran Kaplan and his cousin went out for a hunt. He did not even want to go due to the cold temperatures.

As Kaplan sat in his stand that chilly morning, he saw the woods wake up. Birds, squirrels and other critters. A few doe and a 6 point buck walked by as well.

About a half hour later, Kaplan had to pee, so relieved himself from his treestand. A doe saw him and she got spooked. He thought the hunt was over so he sat back down and took a smoke break and lit a cigarette.

A few minutes later, Kaplan heard something. It was a huge buck about 26 yards away rubbing some trees.

Kaplan drew his bow back, sighted the pins in and took the shot. They tracked him for a few hours but never found him.

The next day, they got up again and went on the search to find the buck. They finally found him near a creek and could not believe the size.

“I’m just blessed that I was able to tag the biggest buck of my life” said Kaplan.

The deer gross scored 198 inches.


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