Coyote meat is edible and you can eat it.

It doesn’t sound appetizing to myself, but to some, there are folks out there that will eat fresh coyote meat.

A lot of people will think that any animal that’s a relative to a domestic dog is off limits. I’m in the same boat. I won’t eat it.

After some research, I’ve found that there are people that eat coyote on a regular basis. Lets take a look at what these people say coyote meat tastes like.

Can you eat coyote meat?

Coyote meat is edible and can be cooked and eaten just like any other animal meat. A lot of people do not eat coyotes because they are very similar to a domestic dog.

There are many different ways to prepare coyote meat for cooking. You can cook it in stews, on the grill and put it in your chili.

The one thing to remember while cooking coyote meat is to slow cook it to make it tender. You also want to make sure internal temperature gets to 160 degrees in order to kill the bacteria and parasites, including Trichinellosis.

While grilling the coyote meat, you can put any type of spices, rubs or marinades just as you would with any meat. This will help remove any of the gamey taste.

If you are wanting to put it in a homemade stew, then that’s one of the best ways to make sure it’s tender. Slow cooking it in the crockpot or over a fire for a long period will really make the flavors come out.

What does coyote meat taste like?

Personally, I have never tried coyote meat. I have killed multiple coyotes on our farm, but I would not dare take a bite of the meat.

After some research, I’ve found most people say it tastes like duck with a little bit of a liver flavor. Some have even said its pretty gristly and tastes like pork.

Coyotes are carnivores, meaning they only eat meat. This includes deer, rabbits, birds, rodents and more. They are big time scavengers. They will eat almost any dead animal carcass they find.

coyote eating raw meat fresh kill

Think about this now. When a coyote eats a dead, rotten animal, that coyote will have remnants of the dead animal that will affect the taste. I will not eat coyote meat. You can count me out.

The flavor of the meat can also be influenced by factors such as the animal’s age, diet, and how it was prepared.

Is coyote meat good and healthy for you?

Coyote meat is lean and healthy for you. It packs more nutritional value than the grain fed store bought meats. It is low in fat and cholesterol and has a high protein and vitamin B12 value.

Since they are carnivorous animals, they eat a lot of meat but also plants, seeds and berries. Those will play a role into how healthy the meat is at the time of harvesting.

It’s important to note that in many states and regions, hunting and consuming coyotes may be subject to legal regulations. They are game animals and are regulated by the local wildlife agencies.

Most states allow year round coyote hunting. You can check out your state guide on our state hunting seasons guide.

Make sure you are following local laws and ethical hunting when it comes to harvesting and consuming wild animals. Consuming wild game carries potential risks related to diseases, so proper handling, cooking, and food safety precautions are important.


Coyote meat is definitely something you can cook and eat. You have to be careful on how you prepare it, make sure the temperature gets to 160 degrees to kill off any bacteria.

If you can get past the similarities of coyote and dog, then go for it, eat some coyote. I’ll stick to beef.

Have you tried coyote meat? What did it taste like?


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