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Colorado Hunting Seasons & Hunting Regulations, Bag Limits and More

Hunting in Colorado is something that all hunters have dreamed of doing. The vast and open hunting grounds feels like there’s no boundary. Colorado provides over 23 million acres of public hunting land that offers a large area for deer, elk, moose and more to roam this mountain and meadow region of the Western United States.

If you’re looking to hunt deer, elk or bear in Colorado, let’s take a look at the season dates and bag limits for the state.

Colorado Hunting Seasons 2023-2024

Here are the season dates for 2023-2024:

Deer (West of I-25)September 2–30September 2–30
ElkSeptember 2–30September 2–30
Plains deer (East of I-25)October 1–27
November 8–30
December 15–31
October 1–25
November 6–30
December 15–31
MooseSeptember 9–30September 7–30
Pronghorn (bucks only)August 15-31August 15-31
Pronghorn (either sex) September 1-20 September 1-20
Deer/Elk/MooseSeptember 9-17September 14-22
Plains DeerOctober 14–22September 12–20
PronghornSeptember 21-29September 21-29
Rifle Deer/Moose/Elk20232024
MooseOctober 1-14October 1-14
Limited elkOctober 14–18October 12–16
Deer/ElkOctober 28-November 5October 26-November 3
Deer/ElkNovember 11-17November 9-15
Limited Deer/ElkNovember 22-26November 20-24
Plains DeerOctober 28-November 7October 26-November 5
Late Plains DeerDecember 1-14December 1-14
RifleOctober 7-15October 5-13
Black bear20232024
RifleSeptember 2-30September 2-30
ArcherySeptember 2-30September 2-30

For all other hunting guidelines, see the official Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.


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