Deer Hunting

News and stories about deer hunting tips and resources on how to become a better hunter.

  • Rare All White Albino Deer Caught On Camera

    Rare All White Albino Deer Caught On Camera

    As Amy Mattson, of Meguon, was driving south of Port Washington, Wisconsin she caught an all-white, albino deer standing in the field. The pink nose and presumably pink eyes means that this was most likely a rare albino deer, according to the state Department of Natural Resources. The chance of an albino deer being born in […]

  • What is a cactus buck?

    What is a cactus buck?

    A cactus buck is a deer that has a condition called cryptorchidism, which results in velvet remaining on antlers and continuing to grow throughout the year. These male deer have low testosterone and visibly small testicles. What is Cryptorchidism? Cryptorchidism, also known as undescended testicles, is a condition in which one or both of a male […]

  • Coyote Kills Deer [Photos]

    Coyote Kills Deer [Photos]

    Marlin Smith placed his trail cam in some woods on his hunting lease this summer in hopes of capturing some nice whitetail bucks. He did capture some nice racks on camera, but with a gruesome twist.

  • 62 Deer Hunting Tips For A Successful Season

    62 Deer Hunting Tips For A Successful Season

    Follow these deer hunting tips and you’ll be able to bag huge bucks year after year. Being good at shed hunting can give you insight to what bucks you have on your property and where they hang out. It can also be an easy way to give you a nice rack to hang on the […]